✨ Unboxing + Tapping + Whisper with Rikita ASMR ✨ (Embedded Files), video 48' 55'', 2017. (please wear headphone)

Lucky Charms For Dinner Live Show

Click on the lucky charms to make the foreground animation disappear.

"The object’s value is determined by it’s potential as a trigger. A seemingly worthless object – a piece of wrapping material for example – can be of great value for ASMR. It is this reversal which interests me. I started by posting my own ASMR video on YouTube to see how it all worked, to understand the customs. My goal wasn’t to replicate ASMR videos, but more to infiltrate its community, and this is why I handed over a series of works (Embedded Files) to Rikita, so that she could ‘activate’ them by revealing their ASMR potential."