1034 MOZARTIA 2017, FullHD video, color-sound, loop 4’38”

Lucky charms for dinner

1034 Mozartia is a stony asteroid discovered on 7 September 1924, by Soviet Vladimir Albitsky at Simeiz Observatory on the Crimean peninsula, and named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 1956, after several inspections, a group of eight people tried to inhabit it. Although the climate and living conditions were favorable, the slowness of time was too unbearable for the inhabitants and they decided to abandon the planet without dismantling the building they had constructed (it still remains in perfect condition). The time in Mozartia has been exactly 10:34 for 61 years. Currently it is difficult to determine if and when this time will change. As of November 2017, it is possible to visit the planet again. Virtually, Mozartia still permits isolation from common routines by stopping the flow of time, escaping for as long as is desirable, even forever. 1034 Mozartia - Wikipedia.